We're Brewskee-Ball, the first-ever national skee-ball league. Skee Ball, Inc., the company that manufactures skee-ball games, is suing us for trademark infringement.


In 2005, we met with the CEO of Skee Ball, Inc., and explained our idea of taking skee-ball from boardwalk to bar. We asked him if he wanted to partner with us, and, although he chose not to, he gave us his blessing to start the league and to call it Brewskee-Ball. 

We hit the ground rolling. We started competitive leagues across the country, opened our own venue in Brooklyn (Full Circle Bar), hosted national championships and, six years later—after we transformed the favorite game of our youth into an adult sport and bar staple—Skee Ball, Inc., sued us.

We believe we've done nothing wrong, and we created SkeeThePeople.com to stand up to Skee Ball, Inc. 
We are building a legal defense fund and devoted community here with the hope that we can continue to grow and let the good times roll—from skee to shining skee! 

Tune in here for league and lawsuit updates, events, and Skee The People bulletins.


All proceeds from Skee The People limited-edition T-shirts will go toward funding the lawsuit. Designs were made by legendary Brewskee-Baller John Fisk.


Good friends, cold beer, and skee-ball—ain't nothing better! Currently there are Brewskee-Ball leagues in Austin, Texas; Brooklyn, N.Y.; San Francisco, Calif.; and Wilmington, N.C. More cities rolling soon.

Let the good times roll ››